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In Teach Digital Production Skills you'll have the curriculum, lesson plans, quizzes, teacher's guide, and supplemental materials to guide your students through the complete process of putting together and airing a news broadcast. Students learn how by rotating through these 12 TV Studio positions:

  • Producer – Learn to manage the whole broadcast team before, during, and after a broadcast.
  • Director – Learn a director’s role—it's like conducting an orchestra. This includes cueing the broadcast team when to do their parts and when the broadcast concludes.
  • Stage Manager — Learn to manage the team members on the studio floor during the broadcast, and tell the director when the studio is ready to go.
  • Tech Director – Learn to use an electronic video mixer to control what the viewing audience sees during a broadcast.
  • Script Supervisor – Learn to create a storyboard for each broadcast.
  • Anchor – Learn the responsibility of the anchor to make sure that all of the behind the scenes efforts of the studio team work shows.
  • Teleprompter Operator – Learn to prepare the teleprompter script Anchors will use. Also learn to load the script into the teleprompter software.
  • Camera Operator – Learn the Camera Operator’s responsibilities. This involves setting up the shots and operating a video camera.
  • Audio Technician – Learn the Audio Technician’s job to control the audio for a broadcast. This will involve mixing multiple audio sources used in the studio.
  • Assistant Audio Technician – Learn the job of the Assistant Audio Technician. This includes setting up the wireless microphone and intercom systems. It further includes assisting the Audio Technician before and during the broadcast.
  • Title/CG Operator – Learn to create titles for a broadcast under production.
  • Master Playback and Record Operator — Learn to play back pre-recorded story segments during the broadcast and to record the entire show.