Course curriculum

    1. Introduction 1.3

    2. Learn Digital Production Skills Pre-Test

    1. Producer Introduction Video

    2. Producer Curriculum Module

    3. Producer Quiz

    4. Broadcast Script Samples and Template

    1. Director Introduction Video

    2. Director Curriculum Module

    3. Director Quiz

    4. Director Slideshow Sample

    5. Director Slideshow Sample PowerPoint

    6. Director Slideshow Template

    7. Director Slideshow Template PowerPoint

    1. Stage Manager Introduction Video

    2. Stage Manager Curriculum Module

    3. Stage Manager Quiz

    1. Script Supervisor Introduction Video

    2. Script Supervisor Curriculum Module

    3. The Script Supervisor Quiz

    1. Technical Director Introduction Video

    2. Tech Director Curriculum Module

    3. The Tech Director Quiz

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    Each online curriculum module has a 10-question online exam at the end, automatically scored for your convenience.


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